Ubiquity International SA

In March 2016, Ubiquity has started-up Ubiquity International SA in Switzerland, as the international branch of the Ubiquity Group, focusing on scaling up its highly secure messaging business across Europe, starting from Switzerland and its innovative financial industry.

Ubiquity International SA introduces to the Swiss market a brand new product-platform concept, with a single multi-channel API, being on cloud or on-premise.

It focuses on helping Large Corporations to remove integration complexity and to reach out with whatever Mobile Messaging Channel that customers and scalable technology will continuously require.

Ubiquity International SA, based in Manno (Lugano), is a Swiss Telecom Service Provider (TSP) registered at the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), is fully controlled by the Ubiquity Group shareholders. As a Swiss company dealing with large financial institutions, Ubiquity International SA commits to comply with all applicable Swiss laws as well as the rules and regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, including double redundant tier-3 infrastructure within Canton of Ticino and Zürich and an impressive scalable cloud infrastructure by Amazon Web Services based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Nowadays, the A2P business (contrary to the P2P) grows at an impressive speed, in average >20% YoY across the globe, and Ubiquity is currently ranked by first #10 messaging providers worldwide and #1 in Switzerland for handled volumes, and with the ambition to further grow by reaching out to any industry or marketplace.

Address: Tecnopolo Ticino – Via Cantonale, 18 – 6928 Manno (Svizzera)

Telephone: +41 91 604 61 81