Ubiquity Group

During the years, Ubiquity reached and consolidated a leadership position within the Italian market, so that more than 95% of banks in Italy in 2015 trust Ubiquity as their messaging solutions provider. In November 2015, Ubiquity became a certified ELITE company of the Italian Stock Exchange, successfully completing the program in less than two years.

In March 2016, Ubiquity setup Ubiquity International SA in Switzerland as the international arm of the Ubiquity Group in Europe.

In October 2016, Ubiquity selected Solutions Infini in India to expand its international presence beyond Europe with 10 locations and 180 employees across Europe, India and the Middle East.

Our history


Ubiquity was founded in Milan in 1999 and immediately positioned itself as a specialist player in IT and telecommunications for large firms.


In 2003 Ubiquity announced the UbiMessaging platform to send/receive messages and became the provider for the management of SMS Alert services for the leading Italian banks.


In 2005 Ubiquity launched its Hermess Service Centre connecting directly to Italian mobile telephone operators and the main MVNOs.


Over the next few years (2003 – 2009) Ubiquity consolidated its position as market leader for the management of SMS Alert services for the banking and finance industry.


In 2009 Ubiquity launched the UbiMarketing bulk SMS transmission platform, broadening its offering to other sectors and began to manage mobile marketing campaigns.


In 2010 Ubiquity became OLO Telephone Operator (Other Licensed Operator) authorised by the Ministry of Economic Development Department For Communications to manage Premium and Bulk SMS numbers.


In 2010 Ubiquity obtained ISO 9001 certification and begins procedures for ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certification.


In 2013 Ubiquity broadened its offering to add new platform services such as push notification, loyalty campaign systems and a suite of tools for direct cross-channel marketing.


In 2015 Ubiquity became a certified ELITE company of the Italian Stock Exchange and increased its traffic by 31% on the previous year.


In 2016 Ubiquity obtained ISO 27001 certification and became a partner of GSMA.


Ubiquity Group: Ubiquity, Ubiquity International SA and Solutions Infini.

Group Steering Team

Dario Calogero

Founder and CEO

He founded Ubiquity in 1999 after experiences at international companies including Oracle, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and management consulting companies like PWC.

Aniketh Jain

APAC & MEA General Manager *

He founded Solutions Infini in 2009. He brings in New opportunities, strategic Planning, Marketing & Sales. Discovers Product ideas & Enhancement. *Operating from the date of the acquisition

Ashish Agarwal

Chief Technology Officer *

He founded Solutions Infini in 2009. He is responsible for the technological and operational management of Solutions Infini. At group level Ashish now leads CTO office. *Operating from the date of the acquisition

Justyna Miziolek

Regulatory Affairs and Wholesale Manager

Joined Ubiquity in March 2011. She is responsible for the management of business relations with telco operators and for istitutional relations with market regulatory institutions

Giacomo dall'Aglio

Chief Corporate Development

Giacomo has a Group responsibility for M&A and Structured Finance. He has a strong experience in M&A and Corporate Finance developed in Mittel, La Centrale Finanziaria and EIDOS.

Luca Giardina Papa

Chief Financial Officer

After working for Hermess as Marketing & Sales Support and for Cairo Editore Group as Product Market Analyst and Sales Planner, Luca joined Ubiquity, where he is now the CFO.

Alex Milani

Ubiquity Italy General Manager

Alex joined Ubiquity on October 2007 as Business Development Manager. In 2013 he become member of the Executive Management Team as VP Sales Italy.

Filippo Monastra

Chief of Staff

International executive with experiences in Consulting firms and Large Enterprises. Before joining Ubiquity Filippo served for 14 years Nokia. He leads staff functions, acting as linkage between the CEO and the Executive Management Team.

Our Partners

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem.

Ubiquity is a part of Elite Programme of Borsa Italiana.

Ubiquity is a partner of the ICT and Management Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic School of Management.

Ubiquity and Oracle Eloqua have partnered to deliver interactive multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Ubiquity is ISO 9001 certified.

Ubiquity is ISO 27001 certified.