Push Notification

Push Notification is a feature that allows an application to notify smartphone users of new messages or events without the need to actually open the application. The incoming messages can be received even for apps that are not currently open. Push notifications are in this way similar to a text message, which pops up on the phone screen and in combination with the geolocation feature, users can be informed about offers and discounts at a shop near by.

In order to receive push notifications, smartphone users should have downloaded an app and enabled the Push Notification feature.

Push notifications allow companies to send customized, scheduled messages to a large number of customers or to a smaller, targeted group. Customers can be categorized by their location, the device they are using or the level of their engagement.

In marketing terms, push notification is a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and engagement with the customers.

UbiPush is a push notification over HTTP service, provided by Ubiquity for mobile apps running on mobile smartphone platforms.
UbiPush enhances current SMS-based mobile notification, providing tools to send engaging text and multimedia content to the most interested users, to increase engagement and the life cycle of applications.
UbiPush is an effective channel for communication and marketing activities, as well as alert and reminder services.
UbiPush is fully integrated with the Ubiquity network infrastructure to offer highly reliable service. After a certain number of Push Notification attempts have failed, UbiPush can be configured to send a fallback SMS.