UbiMessaging is the proprietary platform of Ubiquity – developed entirely in-house – for the supply and management of professional messaging services dedicated to SMS (Premium and Bulk). The platform can deliver and receive messages through Ubiquity network infrastructures, interconnected with Italian mobile operators and the main virtual Italian and foreign operators at the same time, and also through direct connections with SMSC / SS7 protocol by means of the gateway (Star center) owned by Ubiquity.

Ubiquity offers public and non-geographic numbers for Premium and Bulk SMS services. Thanks to its experience in message services, Ubiquity managed around 725 million messages in 2015. The platform also offers a set of tools for managing and monitoring the traffic generated by the messaging services. The monitoring tools provided to clients allow excellent customization and real-time access to data and performance monitoring.


Ubiquity offers Direct Marketing services to support the commercial and promotional activities of its clients through its UbiMarketing platform.

Thanks to the platform, marketing campaigns, lists of users and time scheduling can be managed. New customer acquisition and customer engagement through Bulk SMS delivery are enhanced.

UbiMarketing is a web-based platform that is Internet-accessible, without additional software.

The console available to clients has a dashboard on which to evaluate the performance of past or current campaigns based on customizable metrics and KPIs and in line with the business model to be monitored.


UbiPush is a push notification Ip service, specialized for mobile applications installed on the main smartphone platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile).
The Platform is directly connected to the service provider and is a “key in hand” solution for sending Push Notification in full-outsourcing. Message delivery for all mobile operating systems is simplified and centralized for the client.

By integrating UbiPush with the networking infrastructure and other Ubiquity products, mobile SMS notification channels are completed. UbiPush is a tool for sending text and multimedial messages to increase user engagement and the life cycle of the applications.

UbiPush can be setup to send fallback SMS, which is essential for users who do not have a network connection due to bad network coverage or travel abroad.

UbiPush guarantees an added level of security for the systems offered by the service provider and allows encrypted data transfer between the client and the final user.

Oracle Eloqua

Ubiquity has broadened its service offerings with an SMS application for Oracle Eloqua, Oracle’s B2B Cross-Channel Marketing solution. This new application, “Ubiquity SMS Platform” enables Oracle Eloqua clients to manage multi-channel campaigns by adding SMS to their marketing program.
“Ubiquity SMS Platform” addresses the mobile channel of multi-channel marketing, helping to optimize sales and improve customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Visit Ubiquity in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to install the application and begin implementing “Ubiquity SMS Platform”.


Ubiquity provides consulting services in the payment field to guide clients in finding the best solution, or in the design of innovative technological solutions, through business analysis, strategic positioning and compliance with regulations and safety standards.

Through its proprietary UbiquityPayment platform, Ubiquity offers online and mobile payments solutions.

UbiquityPayment provides two products, PayOnline and PayMobile, to handle payments via the web or mobile devices.

PayOnline allows clients to add payment sessions to websites and enable recurring payment mechanisms on payment tools. PayMobile offers a range of Remote Mobile Payment tools allowing customers to purchase and pay for goods and services by mobile phone.

UbiquityPayment platform is fully integrated with the main payment gateways in a secure and redundant environment.

UbiquityPayment platform is PCI-DSS compliant.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of connected computing devices, digital machines, objects, animals or people that have a unique identifier and are able to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Current applications of IoT technology can be found in many industries, such as agriculture, building management, healthcare, energy and transportation.
IoT provides a secure channel which enables people to take care of their loved ones or their valuable items.
Through its new innovative product UbiFinder, Ubiquity provides its clients with an IoT device that can be easily integrated inside valuable items, such as luggage and bags, to track their position and ensure security.
Additionally UbiFinder can ensure the safety of children, pets and other loved ones by staying connected to them and their security.