Ubiquity Research on the Mobile Finance Market

Since 2010 Ubiquity has carried out research on trends in the SMS Mobile Finance market. Ubiquity’s quarterly report on SMS Services in Italian Finance aims to provide statistical evidence on trends in the use of mobile services for current accounts, debit cards and other banking services by the Italian population. The analysis is based on the monitoring of volumes generated by the SMS messaging services offered by Italy’s biggest banks who make up a representative sample of Italian finance. The analysis is carried out from the privileged viewpoint of Ubiquity’s historic leadership in Italy in managing messaging services such as SMS Alerts for account and debit card holders. Ubiquity’s reports are available by free download.

27 July 2017

Mobile Banking: volumes to grow during 2017 First Semester, Digital Finance does not stop.

In the first half of 2017, notifications in the Mobile banking system, in Italy, show a further increase compared to the same period last year.   In the first half of 2017, alerts for information, notification and dispositive services related...

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Support for university research

Since 2005 Ubiquity has sponsored and actively backed research conducted by the ICT and Management Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic School of Management. Through its research, conferences, videos and case studies, the Observatory provides an effective vehicle for education, updates and information on the hottest and most innovative topics relating to new technologies and the world of telecommunications. In particular, Ubiquity sponsored the Observatory’s Study on Mobile Banking, Mobile Marketing & Service, NFC & Mobile Payments.