Luca Giardina

Chief Financial Officer

Luca graduated in Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and hold a Master degree in Business Administration from Milan School of Management.

He has more than ten years of experience in the field of new digital media and in the telecommunications Application to Person (A2P) industry and in particular has expertise in launching and managing the start-up.

Initially, he worked in Cairo Communication, helping to launch a start-up in the directory advertising industry, having the roles of Product Analyst, Business Analyst, and Sales Planner.

He Joined Ubiquity team in 2006 originally as a marketing and sales strategy support.

In 2008 he began to work directly with the CEO on Business Monitoring, dealing with consultants and strategic planners and business controllers. He managed business modeling while collaborating actively in the transformation of Ubiquity from a system integrator to a leading telco operator in A2P communications.

As of 2010, he is the Chief Financial Officer of the group, holding the role of head of HR functions, Quality and Enterprise Platform, and as of 2016, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of Ubiquity.