Dario Calogero

Founder & CEO

Dario Calogero has almost 30 years of experience in the ICT, with experiences spanning from Strategy to Marketing & Sales and General Management.

After graduating from Bocconi University with a strategic research on electronic payments at the point of sale, he joined Olivetti in the strategic market planning. Then, after a three years parenthesis in the Automotive in marketing and sales with Fiat Auto (now FCA), Dario went through 6 years of experience in management consulting service with Projecta and PWC, focusing on Telco Strategy and Business Process Reengineering. 

Then, in 1997 went back to technology with Oracle, holding an EMEA Business Development responsibility  interactive services on Digital Pay TV, based on the Liberate Technology software stack (DVB-MHP). This experience introduced Dario to the Silicon Valley Hi-Tech environment and in 1999 he founded Ubiquity, positioning the company right at middle of the Ubiquitous Computing paradigm, that was taking momentum at the beginning of the new millennium. 

Ubiquity grew up and in FY2010 reached the 10 million Euro T/O milestone, increasing up to 34 million Euro in FY2016. Dario is committed to keep on developing Ubiquity as a self sustaining and resilient operation, creating value for the Stakeholders: People, Customers, Suppliers and he is devoted to position the Company as Global Communication Platform and – eventually – a Public Company over the next few years.