Justyna Miziolek

Regulatory Affairs and Wholesale Manager


Joined Ubiquity in March 2011. She is responsible for the management of business relations with telco operators and for istitutional relations with market regulatory institutions

Justyna has been working in the digital and telecommunication industry for almost 10 years.

Before joing Ubiquity in 2011 she gained a significant experience in the telecommunication at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano where she worked as business analyst focused on Mobile Value Added Services and messaging solutions for business. After being a Marketing Manager of Ubiquity for over 2 years she became responsible for the Regulatory Affairs and Wholesale.

The role of Justyna includes the management of business relations with telco operators and institutional relations with market regulatory institutions. She supports the CEO in decision processes referring to the business issues of mobile delivery managed by Ubiquity. She collaborates with the CTO for the implementation and facilitation of the development of services offered by Ubiquity within the mobile network.